Monday, April 27, 2009

Worship with a beat!

Steve walked into the worship practice for our campus chapel services the other day and told the guys that they were doing a good job, but the sound would be much better if they only had drums. They all agreed and said "if only" with a sigh. Then Steve told them to follow him to his office. Waiting there was a digital drum set. You never saw such huge grins on the faces of those young men!!! This week Steve will begin teaching those who want to learn to play.
Meanwhile he has had fun playing with the guys for the last couple of chapels. Thanks Galley's for making this possible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


PIBC Days (April 3-5 this year) is a celebration of what God has done over the years since the school started in 1976 as Micronesian Institute of Biblical Studies. Preparations begin when a theme is chosen and the students and faculty and staff are divided into 3 teams. This year's theme was 1 Timothy 4:12 - "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purtiy, show yourself an example of those who believe." The teams were given the Greek names of the words love (Agape), faith (Pistis), and purity (Hagneia). Each team is in charge of preparing an evening program. this includes decorating the main classroom, [Part of the Pistis team doing a worship song to motions] preparing worship, music specials, skits, [Hagneia doing a funny skit called the Holy Spirit Power Wash which had a serious meaning of the importance of walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.], and a message that is centered around the chosen theme of the year.
[Harold Gorgous, Liebenzell Mission area director, speaking on Faith]
During 2 of the days there are sports tournaments - basketball for the guys and volleyball for the gals -[Team Agape claimed the volleyball championship]
and a day of field games.
[Agape vs Pistas in the Tug of War - Students trying to find a bit of shade - Jens (administrative director) and Lydia(a senior from Yap) judging a race - notice the blue, blue ocean behind them.]
and food [Maybelline and Me You getting ready to enjoy the local cuisine.] Our team was Hagneia Here we are gathered together for a group shot.
We laughed, played and embraced the Lord together. What a sweet experience.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beauty around the Island

We thought you'd like to see a bit more of our island home.
This time of year Guam is bursting with color as many of our plants are in bloom. The flowers are on our campus. (Row 1: Pink Plumeria -- Double Lacy Hibiscus -- Bouganvilla -- Row 2: Rock formations --Coral on the beach -- Pandanus or Walking Tree

The Pandanus Tree is very unique and useful. Its leaves are very strong and used for the weaving of mats, hats, purses, etc. But what makes this tree so unique is that it can actually move itself! See the long roots that are above ground. If the tree is not getting enough sunlight it will send out new roots in the direction of the sunlight and over time move itself to a better spot. It's large round fruit can grow to the size of a basketball!
And then there is the way that our Lord "paints the sky" every morning and evening. Truly His creation shouts daily His glory to all who "have ears to hear".

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Film Making at PIBC

Part of Steve's job in the areas of Human Resources and Fund Development for PIBC is to create promotional materials. Our friend Ken Rife, who teaches film making and photography at Columbia International Universtiy in SC, volunteered to come out during his spring break to help with this project. He also brought along his daughter, Janae (a freshman at CIU) to be his assistant.
They spent many hours filming interviews with students, facutly, staff, local board members, pastors, and members of the community. They also filmed just about every aspect of life at PIBC that they could get that happen the the last week of March. Here Ken is getting ready to interview Hiob our Dean of Men in our lovey outside "studio" under the spreading palms of our campus.

The last day Ken and Janae were on island we spent taking them around the island to get scenic shots. It was a gorgeous Guam day! Here Janae is getting flower shots and grand vista shots from Two Lovers Point.

Ken is at Tanguisan Beach taking pictures of the beautiful tree and coral covered coast line down the beach (You'll have to wait for the promo videos to be done to see what he was filming.)Notice the very, calm, very blue ocean in the background

One of the highlights of Janae's stay was being able to stay in the dorm with the girls. They embraced her as only Micronesian girls can do and she was also presented with her own Chuukese skirt. She is pictured here with Evelyn (our "daughter" and PIBC professor) modeling their skirts.

Thanks Ken and Janae for all your very hard work and maintaining an insane schedule for the week. We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labors.

We'll be praying for you as you produce these materials to further the training of Micronesian nationals to reach out in their own islands and into the 10/40 Window of Asia.