Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off and Running

Spring Semester 2011 is off and running and is already in it's fourth week. Pictured here are some of our girls meeting for dorm devotions on the basketball court. Devotional times are a huge part of life on the PIU campus and it provides our students with opportunities to learn and help each other grow in their relationships with the Lord. Some of these times are student lead others are staff led. Often after devotions there is chatter on Facebook by the students on what they learned that night.

As soon as we helped get the students through registration, we took off on an adventure of our own. On Jan. 18th we boarded a plane headed for Seattle, Washington. Our daughter, Amy was graduating from Simpson University in Redding, Ca. on Jan. 22 and we were headed to help her celebrate God's faithfulness in her life.Nine and one half years after beginning college, 2 schools, serious health problems that sidelined her for a few years, marriage, helping her husband in youth pastor, an intense semester of distance ed and 2 semesters separated from her husband, Matt, in order to finish, she graduated Summa Cum Laude. To God be the glory. The speaker spoke on perseverance - how appropriate!
After all the travel Stateside and then down to California and back the first week, we have just been hanging out with Amy and Matt and getting some much needed rest. One of the few clear days (yes it is true, winter in Seattle is cold and wet) we headed into the Cascade Mountains to a Bavarian style town called Leavenworth. Every building including McDonald's and Safeway looks like it was taken right out of the Bavarian Alps of Germany and plopped down in the middle of Washington. The mountains all around were gorgeously snow covered. How can one not see the hand of our Creator in them!
Another surprise, as we enjoyed meandering through the shops and around the town, was coming upon the name of the very small Bavarian town Anne lived in as a child on the side of the one of the buildings.
But the rest time comes to an end on Feb. 10th and we will be off and running again - this time back to Guam and all the Lord has for us there through the ministry at PIU.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Break 2010-2011

During the semester break we have had the privilege of having several of the PIU girls stay with us for a few days or the whole break. We've had lots of adventures together. Here's a quick recap of some of our times together.
Every year Guam's hotels deck the halls. One of our traditions is to check out the years decorations. Here are Beulah, Glendallyne, Jule and Steve in front of one of this year's trees.
A light display of many an odd assortment of characters and lights was set up on Hotel Row. Steve and the girls pose with an English soldier in front of a light display of a church.
Another night we visited several other hotels. This time Glendallyne, Alicia, Beulah and Meyou were with us.
We also visited Skinner Plaza which was decorated beautifully.
Then on Christmas Eve we joined one of the local churches who held a living Nativity in some of the tunnel systems on Guam left from WWII. It was a moving service that ended by entering the caves to see...
"Mary", "Joseph", "Jesus" and the animals (on Guam -chickens and a carabao - water buffalo). Scott and Doug two other PIU students were with us too.
Christmas morning we joined one of our adjunct professors, Marjorie and her housemate Laura for brunch.
Another day we took a road trip around the island. Here are Javrin, Glendallyne, Beulah and Steve in front of Bear Rock in Inarajan.
Javrin and Steve check out a black sand beach - Guam has several.
Beulah and Glendallyne check out Talafofo Bay from the overlook.
Another night we headed to Paseo (in Hagatna) to watch the sunset from the levy by the Boat Basin . Alicia with Anne, Glendallyne, Meyou, and Beulah in the background.
Did you know that that Guam has a replica of the Statue of Liberty. We do. Here Meyou, Beulah, Alicia, and Glendallyne pose with Lady Liberty.

One bright morning we headed to Agat Marina and Jan Z's for their famous HUGE pancakes. The six of us could barely finish 3 pancakes.
But we did it! Jayleen has now joined us for this adventure.
Since this summer we keep having students ask us when we are going to have another water blasting party. So we decided the break was a great time to do this. We invited those students who were on island and free to come on over. They took turns climbing on the roof and taking turns with the blaster and hanging out in the cool below in the house. Taking the algae and mold that develops on our flat roofs is a chore that needs to be done about every six months to keep the house cooler inside.
Some of the crowd inside. Glendallyne, Leeman, and Daisy (our Dean of Women)
New Year's Eve we joined in the service and fellowship and food with one of the local Chamorro congregations. Celia (in yellow) is PIU's business manager and campus "mom".

Then we headed to the beach to await the fireworks.
Another evening Anne and the girls decided to have a picnic and swim in the dark. We had a wonderful time! Happy New Year to you all.

We will be starting Spring Semester with registration this coming week and classes will start on the 18th. Please be praying that each student will continue to grow in the grace and admonition of the Lord.