Thursday, July 8, 2010

Voices of Micronesia Tour

The Voices of Micronesia, PIU's traveling team, has been touring throughout California most of the summer and has been visiting churches and other venues to promote the ministry of Pacific Islands Bible College. This week they made the long trek to Texas to continue their presentations. Their program consists of Island worship songs and dance, testimonies, and skits. If you have been reading this blog, you have already met each student on the the team. Also accompanying the team are 6 PIU staff: our president, Dave Owen and his wife Joyce, Eric Sorenson, Dean of the Seminary, and his wife Karyn, and Delight and Evelyn Suda. It is our prayer that the Lord will use this team to encourage churches that have been supporting PIU or PIU faculty and staff; present the power of the risen Christ, recruit potential faculty, staff and students (including current Stateside Micronesians), and develop donor relationships for the school for on going capital improvements.

We have received nothing but positive responses from these presentations. Many have said that if they had known the quality of the presentations were going to be as good as they are, they would have made sure even more people were there. It has also been a growing experience for our students as they learn to live and travel together and to adjust to the many different families they have been graciously housed by along the way.

One opportunity they were given was to sing in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, to the street people. This was a very eye opening experience for all as homelessness is not something that is seen in Micronesia. They also got to spend time sharing the gospel one on one with those in the crowd.
One of the team's goals is to bring the Gospel back to those who have sent it to them. A skit is a good way to make a point with few words and in a way that transcends cultural barriers
Here Delight Suda, PIU's financial aid officer, shares his testimony at a church in Susanville, Ca.
The stick dances of Micronesia are a work of precision and tell a story. Our students have adapted these dances for use in proclaiming the Gospel.
Worship dance is a favorite for our women. These's are a combination of sign language and "hula" style Micronesian dance.
In Santa Cruz the team was given an opportunity to be on local television. Her Kita is sharing her testimony.
Another donor made it possible for the team to record a CD. Here they are in the recording studio.
Grace Baptist Church of Salado, Texas. The home church of PIU's assistant dean of women, Daisy Murdock donated the use of their church van for the summer. In fact, 2 church members drove it from Texas to LA in May when the team arrived in the States. This church also ministers to a large group of Palauans that live in the Salado & Killeen area.

For all but 2, this was the first time our students had seen snow. In fact, the day they were taken to the mountains in northern California it was snowing! Many a picture was taken of their first romp in the snow. They also made a snow creation, but couldn't be called a snowman.

Pray that the long term benefits from this trip will be worked out in the lives of these students for years to come. Pray also that PIU's support base will also increase.