Friday, December 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Picture Review

Steve's arrival in Indonesia

Steve meets with Bible College and Seminary leaders as well as the leadership of the National Indonesia Evangelical Church to see how our alumni can help meet their needs.
Worshiping service at which Steve shared.
The mountains of Papua where there are still over 200 unreached tribes. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send Micronesians here.
Fall Retreat - Koinonia 2 (Fellowship with God and Man) speaker Kenny Clark sharing on the Cost of Discipleship.

Group activities included hiking Mt. Lam Lam - the tallest mountain in the world (from the bottom of the sea).
At the top of the world. This mountain receives a new cross each year on Good Friday when many of the island's residents make a pilgrimage to its summit.
Soram's climb was an example to all of us of not giving up no matter how hard it is. He arrived at the summit long after the rest, but he kept at it one step at a time until he was greeted with many cheers.Day 2's outing was to Guam's famous Inarajan Pools. Lots of fun diving and swimming was had as well as a couple of painful belly flops from 10ft. up.

In Chuuk, Steve met with Gardina, the director of the Chuuk State Department of Education, to see how PIU can partner with Chuuk DOE to upgrade their education system.
Steve and Dave Owen (PIU President) also met with the board of Mizpah Christian High School to discover ways to work together. Several of our alumni teach here.
One day these 5 students decided to come bless and encourage the PIU office staff with songs and scripture. They did exactly that!
PIU's Fall 2010 Basketball Team has done very well - playoff's will be after Christmas.
So much of what we do depends of donations to the school. Here our librarian, Lisa Collins, is opening a donation of books from Switzerland that were mailed to us in a gunny sack. As you can see they actually came in better shape than some things that arrive in boxes.
Charity, Beulah, and Glendallyne - three of the 5 girls in Anne's discipleship group. We were on an outing to Two Lover's Point and a beach walk below the cliff.
Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary Preaching Conference held at Top of the Reef Hotel in Tumon drew over 70 participants.
The Women's Ministry Class prepared all aspects of a mini-retreat. Here women faculty and staff were asked about dating and marriage. A great Titus 2:3-5 time.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated at PIU each year with a huge meal in the middle of the day as well as worship, thanksgivings, a message and a bit of a history lesson for the benefit of those who do not know about American traditions.
Here Stephanie Wise (left) poses with the team from Bryan College in Tennessee that came to see how we can expand our partnership at PIU and what assistance they can offer in Chuuk. Pictured are Danielle Rebman, Ray Legg, Ben Williams, and Matt Benson. Stephanie, prior to coming to Guam worked with these fine folk at Bryan.
The semester ended with a boating trip to dolphin watch, dive and snorkel that was sponsored by PIU's new dive program. It was a great day out in God's creation

What Happened to the Semester?

It flew by - filled daily with blessings, adventures, and challenges.

Steve traveled to Papua, Indonesia, Chuuk (twice), Yap, Palau, and the US. The results of these trips are that we have so many opportunities available that we are asking the Lord which ones and for what times. We also had visitors from one of our partner schools, Bryan College in
Tennessee and South Pacific Campus Crusade for Christ as we explored together how we can advance the kingdom our our Lord in this part of the world. Steve also kept the Advancement Office advancing and oversaw what God is doing in the Human Resources Department. He has also been working on the development of our mission program called SURGG which will place our students and alumni on the mission field for various lengths of time. More details coming.

Anne continued in the front office and so enjoys greeting all that come through the door and helping the faculty, staff, students and guests as needed. Many a day this leads to those "divine appointments" and she stands amazed that she gets to see the Lord's hand at work in so many, many ways. She has also had the privilege of teaching the Word to 2 ladies groups (Ephesians with one group & Jonah with the other). She also meets with 5 students in a discipleship group for a little physical exercise and then time in the Word. Another privilege has been meeting with another woman one-on-one for discipleship. She also was asked to speak at a women's retreat sponsored by one of Guam's local churches. Thanks to all who have prayed so diligently for this to come about in God's timing.

The highlight of the semester was our annual Fall Retreat at which Kenny Clark of Grace Evangelical Free Church in So. Cal. was the the main speaker. His 4 talks were on the Cost of Discipleship. Outings, service projects, a car wash, basketball games, a mini women's retreat
planned by the Women's Ministry class, a children's outreach by the Principles of Teaching class, ministry by students to other students at the University of Guam (UOG), and through Big Brothers, Big Sisters at a local middle school made up some of the many other happenings.

PIES - Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary, part of PIU, held its first Preaching Conference for island pastors and church workers. This was very well attended with over 70 participants. Mark Mitchell of Central Peninsula Church of Foster City, Ca. (near San Fran) was the speaker.

This semester has also seen much student initiated spiritual activity which is bearing fruit. A few students began committing themselves to rising early for prayer and devotions together. The basketball team told their coach they wanted to do more than just play ball - they wanted to be an example to others of walking with the Lord off the court as well as on the court. At nightly dorm devotion times students are sharing their stories with other students and as a result at least 6 students trusted Christ as Savior this semester after realizing they didn't truly know Christ. Others have been able to release old bitternesses and unforgiveness and have found new joy in their relationships with the Lord. At the same time, this has been a very hard semester as our Enemy has not given up the ground he held easily. But we can say, "we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord!"

As we end this semester, a student organized team of 36 PIU and UOG students is in Saipan doing youth and children's outreaches, door to door evangelism, and service projects. Steve will join them Christmas night and preach the Sunday services at the Palaun Church.

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf! Pictures of some of these activities will follow this posting.