Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall 2010 Semester Begins

We are off and running! Here a few of our students are waiting to finish up their registration process. This year we have students from Palau, Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, the Marshalls, and Guam, as well as, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Bangladesh. We also have Kevin from Iowa (in blue shirt above) and Josh from North Carolina (in red shirt above), Daisy from Texas, Doug from Virginia, and Scott from California. Quite the international student body - but so exciting to see the oneness that Christ brings to the PIU family. Below are Lindsey (from Palau) and Scott.
After a long day in registration lines the PIU worship team put together a night of worship, fellowship and games. It was a great way to start getting to know the newest arrivals on campus and to renew old friendships. Not everyone had arrived yet, but those of us there greatly enjoyed the time. They even turned the drum sticks over to Steve for a couple of songs!
Making joyful melodies to the Lord is something we all love to do at PIU.

There are many ways PIU students interact with the community during the school year and the first weekend back Grace, Teisy, and Jayleen and several others helped at PIU's booth at the Island Girl Power Carnival. Our PIU ladies have the opportunity to mentor young girls through this organization, which is similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Here they are modeling PIU's new logo representing the school's name: The Tide.

Pray that the Lord will continue working deeply in each student's life this year and thatAlign Center more and more each student will desire to allow God's Spirit complete control in their lives. Pray for the faculty and staff to carefully model Christ-likeness in their teaching and daily lives also. Every year students come to PIU who do not yet truly know Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to these and that they will surrender their lives to HIM and that they will find the joy and freedom of walking with HIM.

Girls Nights at the Stinnette

One of the fun things Anne gets to do when Steve is traveling is have a few girls at a time over for the night or weekend. This time we remembered to take a few pictures too. Sometimes we just hang out, other times we play games, or have serious talks about living the Christian life out in the circumstances we live in daily. We are so blessed to have so many students that really want to learn to walk with Christ in a way that will bring Him glory.

Below Teisy is enjoying some popcorn while watching Jayleen do pedicures - what you can't see is the amazing flowers and designs she is able to do with nail polish.

Lucy and Lynn clean up after our dinner. Bless you ladies!
Maybe this should have come first since it was dinner that night.
Anne reading off Facebook what other students who were on campus were saying to these students. Lots of laughter and encouragement! Discipleship in action - Heb. 10-24-25!