Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching Up from Last Christmas

Welcome to the "Stinnettes on Guam" blog. Anne and I hope this first posting will "catch you up" with some of the events and news in our lives and ministry since last Christmas.

The first thing we would like to share with you is about our daughter Amy's wedding. Her wedding on Dec. 17th was simple yet elegant, just like her. There were several special moments during the ceremony. Both fathers, Steve and Matt's father, Brad, served Matt and Amy communion and had a private moment of prayer with them, dedicating their lives and their marriage to the Lord. The mothers, Anne and Matt's mother, Susan, did a more public dedication using the Filipino tradition of a veil (in this case a piece of Anderson tartan) and cord. Please pray that the Lord would open doors to the work and ministry He has for them.

In January, our son Jason and his wife, Kristy, and their daughter Kelsey, moved to Guam and are currently residing with us until they can get settled on their own. Jason is working for an electrical contractor and attending “Electrician” classes at the Guam Trades Academy two nights a week. We never dreamed we’d have the gift of having family nearby. Pray for them as they get settled here on Guam and that the Lord will guide them daily.

Since returning from our Christmas whirl-wind trip to the States for Amy and Matt’s wedding, we have continued trusting the Lord in our work with the students at PIBC. A great way for you to catch up with what has been happening on campus is for you to check out the PIBC website. You can do this by clicking on this PIBC link.


We will be heading to the States on May 16 after our Spring semester is finished and graduation is over. The original reason we are doing this is to attend a missionary conference required of all the Liebenzell USA missionaries serving in several countries. Since we have to come back to the States for this conference we will try and see some of you and spend time with our moms. Please pray for Steve’s mom Barbara who has had 2 strokes recently. Steve will leave for Guam on June 30 and Anne on July 11 so they can lead a mission team to Thailand (see below).


Some of you will remember the problems Steve had with his left eye a few years ago. The condition, called keratoconus, flared up again last month. This makes it necessary for Steve to travel to Sacramento, CA, the first week of June to visit a specialist there. Please pray for a successful visit.


This summer PIBC is sending out three missions teams; one to the Marshall Islands, which is halfway between Guam and Hawaii (3000 miles to the east of Guam), and two to Thailand.

The Marshalls team will be participating in the 150th year celebration of the Gospel first arriving in the Marshall Islands, from June 17 to July 2. Our students will be participating in youth rallies that could be attended by as many as 5000 to 8000 Marshallese youth. Please pray that the Lord will use our students to spark a revival that will run through these islands and turn the church from the traditionalism that has invaded, back into a living body of believers.

The two Thailand teams will be at their ministry sites from July 15 to August 15. Anne and I will lead a team of 4 students at an English-speaking international university in the northern province of Chang Rai, assisting missionaries there in evangelism, follow-up and discipleship. A lay couple from a Guam church, Randy and Lynette Copp, will be leading the team for the last two weeks.
The Evangelism Team is pictured here: Steve and Anne, Joel from Palau, Jayleen from Chuuk, Kalvin from Chuuk, Smileen from Chuuk, Sato from Yap, and Randy and Lynette Copp.

The second Thailand team of 6 students will teach English in a middle and high school in a northeastern Thai town called Nong Khai as a platform to share the Gospel.

All of these teams are in the middle of raising their financial support needed for airfare and living expenses, all in all about $1200/student. Please be praying that that the Lord will meet these financial needs as well as prepare each team member’s heart to trust Him with the challenges they will face.

If you would like to help one of these teams financially please let us know and we will send you the information on how to do so.


amy said...

You guys have a blog!! That's so cool! Way to keep up with technology Dad. Thanks for the update about Thailand, all I knew is that you guys were going. I'm excited for you two. Can't wait to see you.

Kevin Thompson said...

Hi Steve and Anne!

I was glad to stumble on your blog after all these years.

You were instrumental in my growth as a person and as a christian during our association in the very early 1980s. I have tried to look you up a couple of times over the years, with no success. I tried "googling" you a couple of times in the past, but this was the first time I was able to hit the jackpot.

I hope to figure out a way to contact you more directly, but in the meantime, if you care to you can reach me by email at

God bless,