Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Packing Out

The time has arrived for us to pack up and ship out! At least, from Schooley's Mountain. We spent practically all day yesterday packing and boxing and taping and addressing. If you've read a copy of our last prayer-news update, you know that we plan to move down from the Liebenzell Mission headquarters here on Schooley's Mountain to Daleville, Virginia, for the last two months of our stay in the States. This is an approximate time table only. Steve is done with his degree and his eye issues are under control. So we've decided it would be better to move closer to our families, friends, supporters and supporting churches before heading back to Guam. We also need to concentrate on raising the remaining support we need, and it's easier to do that when we're closer to the people who know us and our ministry a little bit better. We have wonderful supporters - supporters who give, not only their finances, but also their time, ideas, commitment and love. We appreciate them very much.

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