Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girls Nights at the Stinnette

One of the fun things Anne gets to do when Steve is traveling is have a few girls at a time over for the night or weekend. This time we remembered to take a few pictures too. Sometimes we just hang out, other times we play games, or have serious talks about living the Christian life out in the circumstances we live in daily. We are so blessed to have so many students that really want to learn to walk with Christ in a way that will bring Him glory.

Below Teisy is enjoying some popcorn while watching Jayleen do pedicures - what you can't see is the amazing flowers and designs she is able to do with nail polish.

Lucy and Lynn clean up after our dinner. Bless you ladies!
Maybe this should have come first since it was dinner that night.
Anne reading off Facebook what other students who were on campus were saying to these students. Lots of laughter and encouragement! Discipleship in action - Heb. 10-24-25!

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