Friday, February 8, 2008

Exam Time

Today I took the final exam for the "Human and Organizational Development" course I've been working on for almost a year. When I began this course last March, my intention was to complete it by summer's end. But I wasn't to know that about a week after I started, my keratoconus flared up in my left eye. Then began all the adventures of trying to do my ministry and fulfill all the course requirements with extreme vision difficulties. No wonder it took me 11 months. So here I am, sitting in the office of our Global Missions Director, Bill Shuit, taking my test. Bill and Barb are moving to Schooley's Mountain at the end of this month. Notice how good I'm looking! I mean with my eyes! It's different than looking good.

Now this fella' is Norm Dietsch, a retired Liebenzell missionary living on Schooley's Mountain. He was my proctor. He and his wife, Hilda, are our next door neighbors. It was a long commute of about 100 yards to the office for the both of us for me to take the test.

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