Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Providence Missions Festival

Friday night at the Providence Mission Festival there was a banquet for the 59 missionary families who happened to be in the area and could come, and for Providence church members. We sat at different tables to get to know as many church members as we could. There was an encouraging program highlighting what God is doing around the world in and through the lives of some of the missionaries.
Saturday there was a luncheon for the missionaries. We sat at a table with Crystal Dabney, the young woman in a black teeshirt to Anne's left, who had just come back from Botswana. To Crystal's left, out of the picture, was another young woman on her way to an undisclosed country in Central Asia. We enjoyed a time of worship, more sharing from some other missionaries, and a message from the pastor, David Horner.
Sunday morning we spoke in a class about the need for more laborers at PIBC. Afterwards, and in the afternoon, we manned our booth featuring Liebenzell Mission's history and the ministry in Micronesia at PIBC. Here Anne is speaking with one of our friends who came to visit our display.
Stephanie Cooper, a Liebenzell missionary who is still raising her support to come to Guam, came over from Winston Salem on Saturday afternoon, with Sonia Talato, who has been featured in past posts. We spent some time together encouraging one another. Pray for the Lord to bring in Stephanie's support soon. I think we need her in Guam soon.

We had a great time at the Mission Festival, were greatly encouraged, and made a lot of contacts. Pray that those whom the Lord is calling to come to Micronesia would take that step of faith and begin the process to come.

We arrived back at Schooley's Monday afternoon, and the next day, Tuesday, it started snowing.

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