Friday, September 19, 2008

Anne's Guest House Ministry

Liebezell, USA's head quarters at Schooley's Mountain houses not only the Global Ministries offices that care so well for all us missionaries, but also a Retreat Center Ministry comprised of 2 facilities - a Guest House and a Camp on 150 acres of "perserved farmland" here in the beautiful mountains of northern New Jersey.

One of the privileges I have had here at Schooley's Mountain is to assist the wonderful Retreat Center staff as hostess for the Guest House. This involves greeting guests, get them settled, interacting with the kitchen staff and helping them by setting up the dinning hall and cleaning it after each meal, fixing salads or deserts, serving meals, assisting guests with needs they might have, and interacting with the guests.

One of the most exciting things about being at the Guest House is the opportunity to touch the whole world right here from this small NJ mountain top. Each weekend groups come from all over the Northeast (and sometime from around the country) to use the rustic facilities and quiet grounds for their church's or group's retreat. What's so exciting is that most of these groups are comprised of peoples from all over the world. One week we may be serving a group from Ghana, Africa and the next week, a group from the Philippines or Korea, and the next week one from various South American countries. Some groups are here just to worship and pray, some have restorative ministries, some are youth orientented, some are just for men or just for women, some are whole churches. But whatever the purpose or wherever they are from they have one thing in common. They want to help their people know and serve Jesus Christ better. What a privilege it is to get to know them and to serve them!!!

Most people coming to Schooley's Mountain think that Liebenzell is just a retreat facility with a strange sounding name. So during one of their meals here, I will share that Liebenzell is first and foremost a mission agency with a rich heritage dating back to the late 1800's. I will then share how God provided this farm that they are enjoying during World War II. I will then extort them to join with us in carrying out the worldwide ministry of Liebenzell, by taking what they are learning during the weekend and sharing it with the people around them.

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