Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is a post I "borrowed" from colleague Dave Owen's blog:
We make a lot of trips to the airport to see people off (sad goodbyes) and to welcome new and old friends to the islands (yea!). Last night was one of the happy trips to the airport as we welcomed back our long-time colleagues and friends Steve and Anne Stinnette.

They left over 18 months ago for medical reasons and for Steve to finish his Master's degree. With a close to miraculous remedy for Steve's eye and the degree completed, Steve and Anne are back to resume their ministries at PIBC.
In the short term, Steve will be focusing on his VP of Advancement (fund raising and recruiting) position, but will also be heading up our student life department. Anne will begin working in the office, but will also be working with the young ladies on campus. Steve and Anne have had a long time ministry on Guam and it was exciting to see how many of their old friends came to meet them at the airport. The students greeted them with a welcome song and there were lots of hugs. After the airport we headed to King's Restaurant so Steve could get some Chamorro Food.
We are glad to have them back and I know their Micronesian hearts are very happy to be back. Steve even jumped right back in to a planning meeting this morning. We are praying for quick recovery from jetlag and would appreciate you praying along with us that they will be able to settle back into island life, get moving logistics taken care of (mail, car, house etc) and that God will use them mightily as they minister here. Thank you Daisy for the pictures!

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