Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Mar. 15th Anne had the privilege of being the guest missionary speaker for one of the AWANA clubs on Island. Even though these children live in our "mission field" many are not aware of life on other islands. She told them that sometimes when sharing the Gospel you have to do things to bridge cultures that are "strange" to you. She had the kids sit in a position that Steve was once required to sit in for over 3 hours without moving. By being willing to do this, he was able to share the Gospel with the men of an "unreached island" and secure an invitation to send back a full time national worker to live among them. Eventually half of that island's population gave their lives to Christ and a church was planted.
Posted by Picasa On Mar. 24th Anne was also given the opportunity to be the guest speaker for the Women's Ministry class at PIBC. Her assigned topic was The Authority of Scripture in Daily Living. This is one of her favorite things to share with people! Why? Because it is through the daily choices we make to apply the living word of God that our lives are transformed bit by bit. God's word is so practical and is truly able to judge the thoughts and intentions of our hearts (Heb.4:12) and to teach, reprove, correct and train us in righteous living (2 Tim3:16-17).

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