Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Settling into life on Guam and at PIBC


God in His very special ways has provided this home for us to live in for a time here on Guam. We are most grateful. We are helping the landlords with some inside renovations which include, scraping and painting, a and deep cleaning necessary because of water pipes breaking in the house. Anne and Joyce are pictured here packing dishes and beginning the cleaning process. Below Kinay (pronounced Kane-knee) in the foreground and Delight (Evelyn's husband) are helping to scrape the paint that is peeling from most of the ceilings. What would we have done if it were not for their strong, young, arms! Thank guys, you are greatly appreciated.


We are also settling back into the family here at PIBC. Several times a month the staff and faculty meet for worship, prayer and fellowship. These are special times for all of us and keep us focused on why we are doing what we are doing and the One who is the accomplisher of all that will last for eternity. Pictured here on the left is a portion of the team (some were unable to be at our last gathering).

One of the hard things about life on Guam is continual going and coming of people to the Island. Two of those people have become very dear to us over the last 3 years. Hollie Schaub, who has been Steve's right and left arms in the ministry here and her husband Aaron a Navy helicopter pilot. They have served the Lord well during their stay on Guam. But alas, the Navy has sent Aaron to his next duty station in Corpus Christie,Tx. and Hollie will follow in 3 weeks after she finishes compiling information for her master's thesis. They will be sorely missed!!!!!

We also had the great joy in hosting newly-weds Julie and Jordan Morris on their very long layovers between Guam and Palau. Julie is the daughter of our former Campus Crusade teammates Dan and Kaylynn Mills now serving at the South Pacific CCC headquarters in New Zealand. Jordan is a New Zealander. Anne was able to spend a few hours showing them where Julie use to live and some of the places her family frequented when they lived on Island. Congratulations to you both and may the Lord give you many wonderful years together serving Him.

All of the staff, faculty, and students at PIBC Guam are divided into community groups, which are small groups that meet regularly for fun, fellowship, and sharing with and caring for each other. This last Sunday Hollie sponsored our group onto Andersen Air Force Base's Tarague Beach (one of the best beaches on the Island). We enjoyed the incredible vistas, the roar of the blue, blue surf (no swimming due to jelly fish floating in), food, laughs, singing and just getting to know each other a bit better. Below left is the view of the northern coast-line as the road winds down the side of the cliff. And on the right are several of our community group members getting ready to enjoy our meal. The islands of Palau, Yap, and Chuuk (both lagoon islands and outer islands) are represented in our very intercultural group. It is wonderful to see the uniting of hearts as the cultures of all are laid aside for the fellowship we share as children of the King of Kings! Pray with us that more and more this will be the one of the very real testimonies that Christ's Spirit is at work in the lives of the whole PIBC family. P.S. Please forgive the layout problems this looks one way when I lay it out and completely different when I posted it. It is late and this will at least let you all know what we have been doing. You are appreciated greatly for all your prayer and support for us and the peoples of the Northern Pacific.

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Dan said...

This is great, Steve & Anne - It's good to read about all you're doing (we found you through Google). Someday we'll meet again - will be great!