Monday, February 15, 2010


Thanksgiving is always a special day on campus. Very few of us have extended family on Guam so our celebration together is extra special. We usually meet in the main classroom around noon where we will sing, pray, share things we are thankful for, or even have a short history lesson on why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Then it is time to open the table. For the most part traditional American dishes are prepared (including 6 turkeys) by the faculty and staff, but a feast here is not complete without fish and rice so those can also be found. Fellowship around the tables is sweet. It is a time for faculty and staff and students to get to know each other better outside the classroom.
Each year the students have a Christmas party that they organized and put on for themselves. Crazy skits and gift exchanges are part of the festivities. The faulty and staff have just as much fun but in a different way. This year we reserved at room on the top floor of the Reef Hotel with an incredible view of Tumon Bay at sunset. After enjoying the view 5 of the ladies (May, Josephine, Sharon, Anne and Mary Lou) posed for this picture before we sat down to eat a
scrumcious meal.
Delight, our financial aid officer did what most of us really wanted to do - he began his meal with dessert! After the meal we had a white elephant style gift exchange and had lots of laughs. It was a great evening with some very special people who have sacrificed so much to answer God's call to teach and work at PIU.
Below is a picture of almost all of us. We are both in the picture, but a bit hard to see. Those who aren't in the picture are the hundreds of you that live elsewhere that make it possible for us to be here. Thank you so very much for caring about the peoples of the northern Pacific here in Micronesia.

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