Thursday, February 11, 2010

Other Happenings

Along with their regular classes our students are involved in other activities also. Each student is involved in an off-campus ministry. Some are in churches, but many are learning that there are many ways to reach out to people in the community. Many of our students are involved in the Big Brother, Big Sister program at one of the local middle schools each week. Others work with the UOG Campus Ministry. This last summer one of the young women and Anne helped teach a Violence Prevention Program based on Christian priniciples to middle school children in one of the northern villages (still haven't recieved pictures for this, I promised earlier). Those students who are enrolled in the education minor for teacher certification do their student teaching in the public and private schools. Here Judson is spending a day at one of the local Christian pre-schools. Another ministry some of our students are involved in has been called the Traveling Team for the last couple of years. They represent PIU by visiting local churches and sharing music, testimonies, information about PIU and sometimes even the main message for the service. This coming summer the team, now named Voices of Micronesia, will be visiting churches and other groups in the US on a promotional tour. Pray for their preparations. More details coming soon.
At the end of each semester the Principles of Teaching class taught by Dr. Christel Wood (standing with red shirt) prepares for and executes a Kid's Day outreach to children. Many of the come from the neighborhood surrounding the school. This is always a special event and looked forward to by one and all. Our students did an excellent job and about 70 children attended. Here Meluat is telling this group of children a Bible story. Several children indicated that they received Christ as Savior during the day's activities.
And of course there are always times when we get together just for fun and to get to know each other better. For the last couple of years during Fall semester the ladies get dressed up and have what we call Mystery Dinner Night. The women students are broken up into 5 teams. The evening is run like a progressive dinner of sorts. The women staff and faculty are assigned to one of 5 sites around the campus. When it is time to start each team is sent to one of the 5 sites to start at. They know they will have a portion of their dinner at each site, but they don't know which course they are having or in which order, thus the "mystery". At each site, the teams eat and do an activity. Some activities are games and others are "get to know each other" sharing times prompted by a set question or two. Below the team pictured is having a snack and drinks and they shared with each other answers to a preset question. Everyone had a great time and the evening ended by having all teams meet in the main classroom for one last game.
The game was hysterical to play and to watch as teams of 2 tried to hold slips of paper between the body parts labeled on the pieces of paper. The team that won managed to be connected in at least 10 ways at the same time. Below Miyou and KeiKei are trying to hold two different slips between their foreheads and their cheeks at the same time. What a special privilege it is to share life and ministry with these precious ladies!!

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