Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And here's... Keiny (Kane-ney)

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #4 - Keiny Aisek

Keiny Aisek
Home: Nema, in the Mortlock Islands, Chuuk, FSM
Age: 25 Keiny is a 5th year student and will graduate in May with a BA in Biblical Studies with a minor in Elementary Education

Keiny grew up with his 2 brothers, 7 sisters and adopted cousin on Nema in the Mortlock Islands of Chuuk. His dad was not a Christian but his mother was a deaconess in the Nomoneas Church. Keiny was introduced to Christ by his mom and he learned a lot about the Christian life from her. One of his early memories was of losing his father's money. His dad was fishing and asked him to hold on to his pants. Keiny didn't realize that his father's money was in the pocket of the pants and it fell out and was lost. To avoid punishment he ran into the jungle and stayed there for 2-3 weeks. His mother had to find him and talk to him to reconcile him with his father. This is why Keiny appreciated the male Christian role models that he found when he began to attend school on the Tol campus of Pacific Islands Bible College. He enjoyed being with people who "treated him like a real son." He also began then to read from the Book of Proverbs each morning, a habit that has continued to the present day. Keiny sees his time at PIU as a life-changing experience.

Preparation for this trip has given Keiny several unique opportunities. He met the former governor of Chuuk to ask for financial support. Not only was the governor willing to support him, they spent a long time talking about what Keiny was doing and learning at PIU and the former governor has asked Keiny to be involved in his efforts to reach out and help troubled Micronesian youths. Keiny is looking forward to this summer's trip as an opportunity to promote Micronesian Christian life. He wants to help Americans understand how Christians in Micronesia live.

Keiny's longer term goal is to return to Nema and teach in the elementary school there and be a Christian male role model to the young people there.


Rebilos said...

I wonder who this non christian father is and this deaconese. I know the father is a christian as well as the mother. We are all bless to raise on this small beautiful island with the bible.

Keiny Aisek said...

It really depend on how you define that word Christian though..... I began to realize that most of the people from our Island they are Religious not Christian..

Keiny Aisek said...

By the way please identify yourself, ..:

Tisa Stiven said...

Hey! this is a great reminder to everyone that is in the education program! invest our lives in gospel. Apart from the Lord I am nothing.