Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Voices of Micronesa #15 Jaynee Sam and this weeks schedule

This last week they did a presentation at Pasadena at the School of World Missions, Grace Evangelical Free Church and several other churches. They also put in lots and lots of practice time to refine each of their presentations. Now the traveling begins. Here is the schedule for this week:

May 23: Morning Service at Ocean Hills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara
May 24: 7.00 PM Community Center in San Luis Obispo (I can give you directions if you email me at
May 25: Staying in Castro Valley
May 26: Driving up to Susanville California
May 27: Activities and Practice
May 28-29: Palauan Conference, Susanville, all day
May 30: Morning and Evening Service - 1st Baptist Church Susanville

If someone you or someone you know is near any of these locations, we encourage you to find your way to one of these presentations. You won't be disappointed. Please be praying as they head out on the first of many long road trips for the summer. If you want to follow the team day by day check out the link to Dave & Joyce Owen's blog and that of Meluat Meluat in our links list to the right.

This is also the last in our series introducing our VoM Team Members. So last and youngest, but definitely a very important team member let me introduce you to ...

Jaynee Sam
Home: Kuttu island Chuuk FSM
Age: 18 years old, 3rd year student in Biblical Studies, minor in Teaching English as a Second Language
Jaynee's brother Charles is a member of the team. Jaynee is one of our ukulele players.

Jayne was born in Weno, the capital of Chuuk, but was raised on Kuttu. She was raised mostly by her aunt because her parents moved around a lot. Her dad was a teacher. Her dad was also the pastor of the church and is an alumni of MIBS. She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. All of them have been PIBC/PIU students except the youngest who is still in high school. Her favorite thing to do on Kuttu was swim, especially when it was raining, and walk from
island to island at low tide. She also likes to take peaceful canoe rides around the island.

She was taught about Jesus and knew about him from childhood. She thought she was a Christian because she was a pastor’s daughter and pretended to be a Christian to please her father. This continued until she attended Berea Christian High School. At Berea she learned that relationship with Christ was by faith, not by works or birth. On February 27, 2007, at a retreat, when MIBS grad Steioshy Manuel preached a sermon about “pretending to be a Christian,” Jaynee realized she was lying to herself and needed to trust in Christ to forgive her sin and give her eternal life.

From preparing for this trip, “I have learned to trust God more and be patient in waiting for him to answer prayer. I didn’t think I could afford to come but now, here I am!” "I get worried about getting my needs met and it is hard to wait for God’s perfect timing." PIU is the place where I have grown in my spiritual life. I try to practice in my life what I learn in class and my PIU family encourages me to be more like Christ and participate in ministry."

Jaynee would like to continue her education after PIU to study in the medical field and hopes to be a medical missionary to wherever God calls her.


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