Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Electrifying Visit

We got an electrifying visit from the watt-man. One of our fellow Liebenzell missionaries, Rob Watt, has been on a mini-furlogh in Pennsylvania for the last seven months. Because his last name is 'Watt,' he gets a lot of puns made about his last name, most of them bad ones, like mine just now. But it's fun to try. He teaches at and runs the PIBC Remote Teaching Facility (what we call our extension campuses) in Palau. He was living only about an hour away from us in Delaware, so he came by for a visit a few days before Christmas. He was heading back to Micronesia on January 1. I actually teared-up a little because he was getting to go back to Micronesia, and we have to wait for a while.
I think my hair style is the thing that's electrifying about this picture. I haven't had my hair cut since I left Guam.

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