Sunday, January 13, 2008

With Our Guam Family

After a few days, we drove down (you know what I mean, Anne drove, I rode!) to Winston Salem, North Carolina, where we spent a few days with some good friends, and celebrate Christmas with our Filipino family, the Talatos. Some of you know Sonia, who use to work at PIBC before moving to NC. Then her brother, Ed, with his wife Lorna, and daughters Tiffany and Krystal, and their mom, moved to NC. Then this Christmas, Sonia's sister, Sollie, and her husband Frank, flew in from Guam, where we all joined in on some good food, lots of laughter and crazy moments together.
I'm the one in the middle with the orange shirt and glasses. Yes, the eye doctor prescribed glasses for me, even though the left side is only regular glass with no power. They are for when I get tired of looking through my one eye with the contact lens, and want to try looking with one eye through glasses.
The only one's missing from the picture were Anne and Lorna, who were caught in the kitchen preparing some snacks and food.


Dave Owen said...

Wow when you start posting you don't mess around. we enjoyed the pictures

Eric and Karyn Sorenson said...

Hey, Anne,

Just wanted to thank you for your blog comment. I LOVE it when people comment on our blog. Then I know that at least SOMEBODY is reading it! I just taught my first class tonight at PIBC. It was challenging because of all the cultural issues that I'm continually bumping into but exciting. I can hardly wait to see what God intends to do with this class. Eric and I are hoping you guys will be able to return soon.