Sunday, January 13, 2008

Writing a Book Proposal

One of the things Steve has been doing is working on some of his assignments for his Master's Degree. One course required him to write a book proposal. He's been working long and hard on this one - a couple thousand hours at least. We could show you a picture of him writing, or maybe a picture of his paper, but we thought that would be kind of boring. So we'll let him tell you a little bit about it.

Steve states, "Well, the assignment was to write a proposal to a major publishing company for a book about Micronesia. But I had to stay within the limits of the assignment for the course. The title of the course was 'Human and Organizational Development.' The book had to have a minimum of fifteen chapters. I ended up writing a 44 page proposal for a book I'd like to write someday called, Human and Organization Development Principles in Micronesia: A Blueprint for Change. The things I learned were fascinating. I can't wait to get back to Micronesia to put this knowledge into action at PIBC."

Oh, by the way - he got an "A" on the proposal!

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