Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have been receiving all kinds of friends and visitors lately, which we really enjoy. Some are new friends, and some are friends we’ve known for years, as you’ve read. Another new friend whom we’ve just met is Stephanie Haug, from Germany. She’s here for a few weeks volunteering as a missionary worker at the Retreat Center. She knocked on our door a few days ago, stopping by just to say ‘hi.’ In the course of our conversation, we learned one of the things she was missing by being here in the United States was watching Germany play in the 2008 European Soccer Championships. The very day, the very hour she stopped by, Germany was playing Portugal in a quarter final match. I knew the game was on TV, and told her she could watch it if she liked. WOW! Did she jump for joy! I watched it with her, and I don’t know which I enjoyed more – watching the game or watching her watch the game! The word “Perfect, perfect!” was used quite a bit, especially when the game ended and Germany had won. Needless to say, she has a date to come over to our apartment and watch Germany play Spain in the semi-final match day-after-tomorrow!

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