Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Friends

They are probably going to kill me (figuratively, of course), but here are Del and Patty Stancer, long-time friends from Guam. Patty came out to Guam in 1979 as a part of the Campus Crusade ministry and, among other things, met this military guy named Del. In the wedding that followed, Patty actually asked me to "give her away" as her fill-in dad. They normally don't look like this (Del's hair is usually much shorter!), but they also came for a visit.
One of their daughters, Carmen, is working as a missionary midwife in Davao City in the Philippines. She's a little younger than our daughter Amy, but she sent me this picture of herself "in action" helping this young Filipina mother-to-be get ready to deliver her baby. Carmen and I often chat online via Skype. She's a young woman filled with faith, working for the Lord in a land and culture quite different from her own. She bears strong testimony to the faith of her parents.

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