Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's been a little while (OK, a long while!) since I posted an entry. I've just been trying to roll along on my LAST COURSE for my degree!!! Maybe I'll write more about that later. Anyway, I'll review a little bit here. One of the cool things that happened is that our daughter, Amy, visited us here at Schooley's Mountain a few weeks ago. We went into New York City, Philadelphia, visited some of the nearby shops, and thoroughly enjoyed her presence here with us.

One of the things that happened while she was here, Jason, Kristy and Kelsey came for a weekend visit. We can't begin to tell you how great this was. The only one missing was Amy's husband, Matt.

Joe, one of the Retreat Ministries staff, introduced us to the biggest rabbit I've ever seen. It weighed more than 20 lbs! That was more than our granddaughter!

Jason brought along with him Ariel Bautista, one of the members in the youth group of the church I pastored in Guam (10 years ago), who was in the Washington, D.C. area on business. Ariel and his family live on Guam and are among some of our best friends. It was very nice to see how he has grown in the Lord.

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