Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Around the Island

One of Anne's favorite things to do is to show off the beauty and history of Guam to those new to the Island. Last Wednesday, while Steve was participating in parts of the annual PIBC Board Meetings, she had the pleasure of being "tour guide" to PIBC's Micronesian History class. They had been studying the ancient history and Spanish history of Guam and what better way to learn it than to head off to the sites they'd been studying about.

We started with the Plaza de Espania - the site of the remains of the seat of Spanish government. (Anne is the one on the far left of the picture looking up at an original Spanish seal.) Stop two was across the street at the huge latte stones thought to be foundations of ancient Chamorro home. (Though this is a picture of a latte stone from the island of Saipan, ) Then we headed south and saw two original bridges built about 200 years ago along the Spanish "freeway" from Umatac to Hagatna. Our longest stop was at Ft. Soledad, a Spanish fort that over looks the bay in Umatac where Magellan first landed in Guam. The students explored the ruins and 3 of them rode a carabao (water buffalo species brought to Guam by the Spanish). Here's Joyce (a fellow missionary taking this class) enjoying her ride. There was lots of laughing by all at the "fastest horse on Guam" or "the best 4x4" on Guam" depending on your perspective - ie. the carabao. Next we saw the Bell Tower in Merizo and then we made a special stop at the remains of the first Protestant church in the village of Inarajan. We also saw grinding stones and more latte stones left by early Chamorros. Pictographs are part of just about every culture and even on Guam they can be found in Gadao's (a former island chief) cave. We made the short hike to see these. It always amazes me that they have lasted so long since the cave is right on the water and must fill when there are storms. Between all the stops we enjoyed many beautiful vistas as we drove. What a wonderful day! We'd love to show you each around in person!

Please remember to pray for many of the Chamorro people of Guam who still do not understand that they can have a personal relationship with our Lord in spite of being surrounded by the glory of God's creation.

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