Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Other recent events

We had only been back on Guam one week when people began arriving from off -island for the Annual PIBC Board Meetings. They came from the US, Germany, Palau, Yap, & Chuuk. Steve participated in these meetings when they discussed areas for which he is responsible. Anne & Joyce with the assistance of May & Judy helped make sure meals were ready and in place for the Board Members. Bill Schuit, the US Global Ministries Director from Schooley's Mt., commented that Anne was still doing the same thing on this side of the ocean that she was doing in NJ - setting up meals for guests. He was right! The picture below was taken after the Board Members attended Chapel on campus. It pictures most of the students who live on the Guam campus, faculty & staff, and board members. Can you find Steve? Anne and Joyce are not in the picture because they were getting lunch ready for our hungry Board Members.

For you Calvary members who built this basketball court you can see it now has "bleachers" and really is the center of many activities on campus. Yes, a basketball court can serve eternal purposes! The building behind the court is currently being renovated for use as the computer lab.
We have a great team here on Guam, trusting the Lord together for the building of godly character and witness in the lives of our students. Last Friday night those of us who report to Liebenzell as our sending mission met at the Wood's home (which has a fantastic view of almost the entire west coast of Guam) for fellowship and an update from Martin, who is Global Missions Director for all of Liebenzell world-wide. It was good to hear what the Lord is doing around the world. Thanks Martin! Below Steve & Martin enjoy some great food - jerk chicken and ribs!As we were waiting for all to arrive, Anne and Marisol were watching Amelia look for fish in the Wood's pond. She was hoping to catch one and take it home to the family fish tank. But the fish proved too elusive for us this day. Better fishing next time.
Pray for the students at PIBC to not only desire to follow the Lord but to actually take the harder steps to choose to follow with a whole heart daily.

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