Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting Resettled

In the week we have been back on island we have started to reconnect with many friends and co-workers. Thank you all for the warm Island Welcome; you had both of us choked up with your love for us. You really blessed our hearts.

Last Sunday we even had the chance to hike to one of the Guam sites that we've never had to opportunity to see in all these years since it is located on the Naval Base and access is limited - The Spanish Steps.
(Anne is the one at the top of the rope)
These steps were built about 300 years ago by the Spanish to get to a well at the bottom of the cliff. Some of the steps actually remain. Where the steps are missing there is a path and ropes to assist in decent and ascent of the cliff. At the bottom the remnants of the well remain and after a short hike through the jungle you emerge on a rocky beach in a secluded cove.
The water was crystal clear and even with out a mask and snorkel the many colorful corals and fish could be seen. It was well worth the hike and the fellowship was great with old and new friends alike.
(Steve with old and new friends - Anne by Steve's left ear)

Steve returned to his duties at PIBC immediately and has spent much of the week with PIBC's fund development consultant, Mickey Beckham, who is visiting Guam and Palau for 10 days.

Anne has been spearheading the resettlement plan, which is quite different this time. We have decided to keep renting our home to Evelyn & Delight (our Chuukese daughter and her husband) and find an apartment that is closer to the PIBC campus. We will make a decision between two options in the next couple of days. Pray with us that the Lord will make it clear which option will work best for us.

Because we did not know how long we would be off island with Steve's eye situation, we sold our car. Therefore this week has also lead us on an adventure to locate a good used car. We were excited to find a '99 RAV4 with very low mileage and in great condition to buy at a very good price (even the insurance person said we got a good deal). Our car is unique also. We are the third owners of this car that did not start its life on Guam, but in Saudia Arabia. On the side mirrors the warning that cars are closer than they appear to be is written in Arabic and the speedometer is in kilometers only! An international car for an international family - it fits.

Pray for us as we continue to settle in an seek the Lord for the specifics of our roles here in the ministry of our Lord through PIBC.

Pray too for the formation of the student team that will be headed to Thailand this summer and for all that will be involved in them getting there.

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