Sunday, June 21, 2009


Though the campus is very quite at this time and most faculty, staff, and students are gone for the summer things are changing. A much needed pavilion (or summer house as it is often called here) for shade is being built near the basketball court, thanks to the foresight and hard work of one of our colleagues, Bill Wood.
It has been interesting watching the preparations and the building process. Many principles that parallel our spiritual lives can be drawn. Much preparation went into the foundation that included 4 large and deep holes filled with concrete in which the pillars are anchored. This is necessary to keep the building standing during and after our frequent earthquakes. So to, we must anchor ourselves deep in our relationship with the Lord through His word to weather the storms and quakes of life. It is this hidden preparation that will make all the difference in whether the building or we stand the tests of this world.

Another quiet change is that on July 1, 2009 Pacific Islands Bible College (PIBC) will become Pacific Islands University (PIU). This change brings about a broadening of the ministry of PIBC and the opening of our seminary (this started this last school year) and a liberal arts college to prepare Christian students to be influencers for the gospel in fields other than full time Christian work. PIBC will continue as a school of PIU for those pursuing degrees in Bible. We are slowly working on the name changes on all our information and materials. The first one to go public is our sign off of Rt. 15 (better known locally as the Back Road to Anderson). Pray with us as we follow the Lord into these new areas of ministry to the Pacific Region. Pray too for the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers and the means to hire them.

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