Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations Hollie!!!

Hollie Schaub, our co-worker at PIBC for the last 3 years, (and the other Student Life team members) did much to encourage the students at PIBC to apply all the Bible knowledge they learn to their daily lives. The challenges she faced in this task led to her to take on the theme NAVIGATING THE CURRENTS OF CHANGE IN THE MICRONESIAN WORLDVIEW as her master's thesis. Her research will be helpful for many as they come to Micronesia and begin their ministries here. Thanks so much Hollie (and Aaron) for giving so much of yourselves to the people of Micronesia through PIBC. Congratulations on achieving your masters in Intercultural Studies at the same time you were working at PIBC and fulfilling your responsibilites as a naval officer's wife. We love you and miss you. Your legacy will be eternal.

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Matt Anderson said...

Hooray Hollie, congratulations!