Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mangoes, Jewelry and Signs...

It's mango season on Guam and the trees are loaded with what has become my favorite of all fruit. For the 3rd year the village of Agat has hosted a Mango Festival. Joyce Owen and I headed down south Sunday after church and had a great time looking at the largest mangoes I've ever seen (about 10" long or bigger), eating mango cinnamon buns (even better than Cinnabuns), and perusing all the booths. Can you count the mangoes on this tree Joyce and I saw on our way home from the festival?Joyce purchased a very beautiful necklace and earring set made of polished coral beads with the most unique spacers between the beads. I would never dream of using such a material to make jewelry, but that's why I'm not an artist. The spacers are vertebra of the local brown tree snake! The creator of these told Joyce that if she were to bring him a snake of at least 4 feet in length, he'd make a trade with her for more jewelry. Now this is a challenge our resident snake catcher will take on! I'll ask Joyce to take a picture so that I can post it and let you see these very interesting and really very beautiful pieces of jewelry.

On the way home we stopped for gas and spied the sign below. It had us giggling, so I pulled over and Joyce got a picture of it. Not sure if I want to try their "glorious" coffee or not.

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