Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ladies Night at PIU

The ladies of PIU decided to have a sleep over which included a"spa" night. We had so much fun pampering each other and laughing. Most had never done something like this, so it made it that much more special. Laura, a volunteer at PIU, is also a massage therapist. She brought her chair and many enjoyed the gift the Lord has given her with her hands. Here Vivian is getting a rub-down and looks so very relaxed. There were also foot baths available to soak in. Some had water jets and others were hot water and tea mixtures and if you wanted, someone would rub your feet for you too. Celia, Lani, Kita, and Julie are enjoying the foot baths.
Facials were also on the program. We learned how to make cheap and healthy and edible masks from oatmeal, eggs, and bananas. Joni was our "cook" and followed Jen's recipe.
Here, Jen and Lucy apply our masks and then we enjoyed a rest with cool cucumbers on our eyes as our masked dried. These two had quite an assembly in of women stretched out on the floor of one of the classrooms.

Snacks and "mud" masks were also available. S-Me and Joni are having fun drying and snacking.
After we were all relaxed, clean and smooth, Celia, her daughter Makalah, and Evelyn helped the ladies try out different kinds of make-up. A new experience for many. Below, Celia is applying mascara to Julie.
Jayleen and Gloria are having so much fun and showing off their beautiful faces.
All proclaimed it a success and some even slept after a few movies. A few of us staff decided our bones were too old for the hard floor and headed home after the "spa" event, but we had a great time too.

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