Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Faculty and Staff

For the most part the PIU faculty and staff is made up of missionaries and volunteers who have a heart for missions and a desire to see the men and women of Guam, Micornesia and the Pacific Rim trained to take the Gospel with them no matter what "job" God puts them in after they graduate. There are some of us that have been here for years, others a few years, and then each year the Lord brings us others to serve for various lenghts of time. All play a part in God's larger plan for PIU and bring a special touch from Him to the rest of us. We truly see the Body of Christ building itself up in love (Eph. 4:16). This spring the Lord sent us these special people:

Perry Webb, though a professor at another college, came for a month to help wherever he was needed. He built cabinets and mail slots, did lots of grounds work, spoke to us in chapel and radiated Christ in all he did. Thank you Perry! (This picture was taken at Lost Pond, after a refreshing swim.
Steve Bradley, a former Liebenzell missionary and Columbia International University professor, has come each spring to teach at our Tol campus for the last 6 years. This year he is teaching here on Guam. What an encouragement he is to us all. The students affectionally call him Grandpa Steve. (Steve and his wife Pat were some of the first missionaries we met when we came to Micronesia in 1979 and at that time were serving at the Palauan Church here on Guam.)
Ben (in the white shirt) was the last to arrive on Guam this spring and came to volunteer in our maintenance department for 3 months. He is an excellent mechanic and has worked miracles on several of our vehicles that were in dire need of help. He has also helped in the renovations of several offices. Next week he heads to Yap to help complete the Teaching Facility there which is slated to open this coming August. He has made many, many friends among the students here.
JC Yoon, his wife and two boys arrived from Korea to teach at PIU this spring. JC is also the assistant Academic Dean-in-training and will assume the VP of Academics position when Melody Plaxton takes a short furlough this fall. We are so glad to have JC and Jihee with us.
Marci Martinelli, an intern in clinical counseling, has been been teaching a Personality Development class and has been setting up our new counseling center. Through her efforts the center is "inviting, comfy and cozy". She is a huge blessing to students and staff alike.
Jo Romaniello came for 5 weeks and taught an intensive seminary level counseling class. She and Marci have worked through the paperwork and other things to begin getting our Counseling Center off the ground. She is Marci's supervisor and is actively looking for others to come and help in this capacity either long term or short term.
Stephanie Wise arrived in mid-January and is the administrative assistant in the Advancement Department (working with Steve). Stephanie has been to Micronesia twice before when she helped to staff 2 short term missions from Bryan College in Tennessee. The Lord had already told her to begin getting ready to go overseas even though she didn't know where that would be. When Steve contacted her, she knew that PIU was the place where the Lord was sending her. We are so glad He did. Below she is pictured with Bessie the carabao at Ft. Soledad in Umatac.
Maybellene Marar (MayMay) graduated from PIU in December and was accepted to join the Advancement Department in the establishment of the Alumni Office. She has been doing a great job locating all of the MIBS/PIBC/PIU alumni and establishing communication with them and discovering ways PIU can be off assistance to them. (She will be pictured in the next post.)

If you are interested in serving as a teacher, counselor, administrative aide, in maintenance
or in any other area that you feel the Lord is tugging at your heart to help with, please contact Steve at We are also in great need of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). If you or someone you know has the qualification plus a heart for missions, please contact Steve immediately.

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Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! I know that we all miss our new staff that have left their short term trip here, and the longer-term ones have brought tremendous blessings into our lives. This semester has been amazing and a lot is due to the work God is doing through these wonderful people.