Thursday, April 8, 2010

PIU Office Staff

As promised, here is a picture of MayMay who works in our Advancement/Alumni Affairs Office.

Celia Atoigue is our amazing Business Office Manager. She keeps all the accounts well balanced, but sees her job as much more than "keeping the books". It is her ministry. She is a second "mom" to many of our students and her love for them and for Jesus is so very evident in all she does.

Delight Suda our Financial Aid Officer also has found that his job encompasses much more than administering Federal Pell Grants and other student financial aid packages. He often takes time to listen and encourage students in their walks with the Lord. Delight is even more special to us as he is married to our "daughter" Evelyn. Evelyn also serves part time at PIU using her Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling degree from Liberty University. Together they also assist in staffing PIU's traveling team called Voices of Micronesia. (more on this group soon).
Sharon Bock (second from the door) and Anne share the receptionist job at PIU and together they try and keep the phones answered, messages taken, greet those entering the office and many other jobs to help the other administrative staff. She and her husband Larry (next to the door) have volunteered at PIU for the past two years and plan to be with us again in the fall. Larry teaches several of our Bible classes.
One of Anne's responsibilities is to make sure that the needed documents, such as applications, catalogs, handbooks, and policy manuals are printed and assembled. Below she is using a combination hole punch/binding machine to complete all the documents needed for the annual board meetings that were held in February.
Together we count it a privilege to serve each person that comes through our doors.

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